Batinse Restaurant

  Batinse is located in upper town.  The food is traditional québécois meets hipster with a little grandma mixed in. The decor is unique and cozy.  The lamps are shaded with knit shades and teacups.  This is probably the coolest decor in town.  Did I mention we ate dinner sitting on wooden swings?

The bartender Amir is an artist.  His drinks are works of art as well as delicious.  I had the Philomene which included freshly caramelized popcorn on top as well as whisky coureur des bois which is local maple syrup whisky.

  The St. Lawrence Fritters which are comprised mainly of Bhaji-style Gaspe Cod and Northern shrimp were delicious.  The maple tamarind chutney that accompanied the fritters had some Indian flavors and went well with them.

For a main course the tomahawk Pork chop was a definite highlight. The leeks bacon and thyme potatoes were blended very nicely.  The Pout-Pout-Poutine was very very good.  Besides the mandatory potatoes, cheese and gravy it included beer spiced sausage and caramelized onions.

For dessert we had Grandma’s Cookie Jar which had an assortment of everything a typical québécois grandma would have in their cookie jar at home.   It came in a traditional cookie tin and included some delicious truffles, fudge and cookies.