Ever wondered what it would be like if children ruled the world? Benjo, Quebec City’s ultimate toy and game store, has your answer.  Benjo is a haven for toy lovers of all ages. The store’s mission is to offer original, fun, educational, non-violent products that encourage a child’s imagination. The store itself is made up of over a dozen departments, all designed for the creative stimulation of young minds. Within its 25,000 square feet, visitors can lose themselves among teddy bears, model trains, cars and planes, dolls, puppet theaters and giant race tracks. There is a permanent art gallery for the kids, stuffed animal and jewelry-making workstations, and a children’s clothing department. Also within the store is the Resto Brico Workshop, which encompasses a kids’ birthday room, restaurant, and craft area.  Visitors begin to get a sense of Benjo’s lovingly-crafted magic as soon as they step through the door. A pint-sized entrance, specifically designed for kids, sets them on a journey into a fairy tale. (There is an adult-sized entrance off to the side for the older “kids”). Upon entering, Benjo, a giant bright-green frog, greets newcomers and kids realize they are in a space designed just for them. Free to wander without adult supervision, kids can opt for accompaniment by Benjo the frog or by a friendly robot made of recycled materials (the store is committed to raise awareness about environmental responsibility and recycling).  If visiting on a weekend, make sure to look for the electric train as it makes its rounds about the store. During the week, arts and crafts are offered for kids, and on Wednesday evenings there are craft workshops specifically for moms!