Chocolaterie d’Ile d’Orleans

 Located on the tip of Sainte-Pétronille on Ile d’Orleans or Orlean Island is the Chocolaterie d’Ile d’Orleans.  On our mandated trip to Ile d’Orleans this is a must stop.  They have been making chocolate since 1988 using only quality products from Belgium.  They never use chemical preservatives and never ever compromise their chocolate. We love stopping here in the summer when we can get some soft serve vanilla ice cream dipped in their heavenly melted chocolate.  Your ice cream can be dipped in a choice of high quality dark, milk, caramel and of course, being in Quebec, vanilla maple chocolates. There are lovely swings to sit in under the shade and it’s located a short walk to the river to see amazing views of Quebec CIty. They also sell snacks and light meals if you happen to come across them during lunch time or you can just have ice cream for lunch!


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  1. karla

    oh my goodness,this is my type of place! lol..Sounds so yummy!!

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