Cotes-a-Cotes Resto Grill

Cote a Cote SamplerCotes-a-Cotes is located in Quartier Petit-Champlain on rue Sous-le-Fort.  Dining on their terrace arguably gives you one of the best views with the St. Lawrence to one side and the Chateau Frontenac on the other.  The interior is a mix of modern and old which blends beautifully.  The food is just as good as the view.  Our favorite item is the duck wings (drumsticks) which you can get with either Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, maple chipotle sauce or brandied apple.  The appetizer for two includes 3 “wings” in each sauce.   Their barbecue is a stand out, the house made sauces are delicious.  We love to order the BBQ Platter for Two which includes the duck wings as well as baby back ribs in a Jack Daniel’s sauce, baby back ribs in an apple brandy sauce, homemade onion rings, french fries and an arugula salad- go hungry!  If you are not in the mood for BBQ you cal also order from a variety of dishes which include Carbonara Style Duck Confit Linguine and filet mignon as well as seafood dishes.  The owner Nicolas besides being extremely personable and very present has concocted his own cocktails which are very original and good.  I had a refreshing raspberry mojito which was a combination of white rum, raw sugar, raspberry, lemon, fresh mint and soda.  My daughter enjoyed her virgin strawberry daiquiri.  If you can save room for dessert , which all are homemade, you have to try the Dark Chocolate Warm Bite with White Chocolate Heart.  It was pure chocolate decadence!2015-07-20 19.36.30