9 Different Reactions in Quebec City to Quarantine and the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is here and the town of Quebec City is on lock-down.  The reactions from the people are a bit mixed. Some people are handling it with calm, and others are running for toilet paper, as can be expected.

Some tourists are working there way through the city while locals are just going out for essentials and survivals.

Below we took some of our favorite reactions we’ve found on instagram. Some are heartwarming and others will just make you chuckle.


1) A throwback to happier times or anxious times.


2) He had to cancel Morocco but at least has his toilet paper.

3) Some people have escaped the craziness by coming to our craziness.

4) She looks slightly bored at this point.

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show off les traces de ma jeunesse impulsive

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5) And some of us feel a bit of anxiety

6) Isn’t this the typical work from home face.

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Working from home

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7) Keep smiling and keep dancing

8) Sending love throughout the world.

9) And this woodland creature pose is a bit different.