Dufferin Terrace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Dufferin Terrace is located on a beautifully landscaped esplanade and is Québec City’s most visited attraction. A stone’s throw from the Château Frontenac, the historical terrace was built in 1838 and is visited year-round. From the terrace you can enjoy the stunning view of the Gulf of St.Lawrence. For those seeking a thrill, a long slide taking you from the top to the bottom is operational during the winter months. The Funicular is available year-round and is located on the East side of the terrace, taking its passengers down to the Place Royale and Rue de Petit Champlain neighborhoods.

During the summer, Dufferin Terrace is bustling with activity. From street artists to musicians and mimes, the terrace will keep you entertained.

For those wanting some historical perspective, the terrace will definitely keep you engrossed and busy. Speckled with green and white gazebos, overlooking the riverfront and Old Québec, Dufferin Terrace easily transports visitors back in time to when the boardwalk was completed over a hundred years ago. Lord Dufferin, in his last official activity as First Count of Dufferin and First Marquis of Dufferin and of Ava, was invited in October 1878 to Québec City to place the angular rock of the Dufferin Terrace.  Visitors to the Terrace also love to explore the cannon guns that line the waterfront near the Terrasse Dufferin Hotel. This row of cannon guns has been reconditioned and adorns the grounds around the hotel as a sentimental display to the protection they once provided for the city. There are several companies that offer historical walking tours in this neighborhood. They are by far the best way to learn the historical significance of the area.

For Americans, it’s good to note that this is where the Embassy is.