Gare du Palais

Located in the heart of the Old Port is Quebec City’s main train station, the Gare du Palais, or Palace Station. A bustling transportation area, many passengers arrive in awe of the château-style palace rising up from its floral surroundings.

The train station is still in use and is frequently utilized by both business and tourist passengers year-round. It is served by VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger railway, and by the private coach company, Orléans Express.

Built in 1915 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the two-story château-style station reflects the design of nearby Château Frontenac, which towers over the train station from its perch on the bluff. Designed by famed architect Harry Edward Prindle, the station’s true elegance can be found in its entrance hall. A gorgeous glazed, vaulted, stained-glass ceiling rests over passengers’ heads as they buy their tickets and swarm toward their trains. The entrance hall contains the ticket office and concourse areas that lead to the trains.

From 1976 to 1985 the station was unable to provide passenger rail service due to a major restoration project. Today, however, it is once again open and thriving!

Within its charming brick walls is the Aviatic Club. This beautifully restored restaurant is the perfect place to slip back in time, surrounded by potted palms and rattan ceiling fans, with the music of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald playing softly in the background. The theme is vintage aviation and is excellent for plane and railroad enthusiasts alike.

Within a short walk, visitors can engulf themselves in over 400 years of history! Adjacent to the Gare du Palais sits the inner city bus station. Here you will find connections to bus routes that travel throughout the city and further off the map.