Immersion Quebec

Immersion Québec is a virtual reality tour of the history of Quebec City. The quality of the VR program was outstanding, it had 360° views with a lot of detail. The headsets were wireless and comfortable to wear. It is available in French, English and Mandarin. The presentation is a great family experience where there is fun and an educational component as well.

To describe the presentation is a bit of a challenge as there’s no real comparison. Basically you wear these glasses and headphones and when you look around, all around you is the movie. What makes it all the more unique is that it gives you a perspective of Quebec we’ve honestly never seen before. If you look up and down you can look at the buildings as if you are are there… and as if it’s a few hundred years ago.

There are two parts and we highly suggest both. The VR presentation is a little over 30 minutes and covers much of the history of Quebec. The interactive games afterwards are easy for all to play and you can even work together as a team. The kids will get into the idea of the competition and meanwhile they’re forced to learn a fact or two about Quebec.

The entire experience takes a little over 90 minutes and honestly is well worth the price.