Le Bunker

Just across the river in Lévis they’ve made a variant of an escape room that is perfect for science kids and their parents. Set in a post apocalyptic world you need to solve science puzzles to get access to the bunker.

We did one of the more difficult activities, running across the riverfront of Lévis. They have various experiences depending on the age level and size of the group. It’s a great idea for groups and birthday parties.

A common theme throughout is needing to solve science puzzles to get to the next level. Some of the math might stump the younger ones but there is a cheat sheet to help you on the the way.

We definitely recommend it for that pre-teen and up age. Also if you have kids who are into the Walking Dead or that genre they will love the feel of the bunker itself. They really made the space look like a scene from any of these movies.