Le Saint-Amour

 One of our favorites in Quebec City, Le Saint Amour is located in the heart of the city in a quaint indoor garden in an old building on Rue Ursula.  The decor is made up of beautiful wooden panels and indoor plants throughout.
The main reason to go is the food. We go for lunch where the prix fix is more in our range. The filet mignon with herb topping is beautifully seasoned and came with some of the best scalloped potatoes. The vegetable cream soup was good enough that our eight year old would have had a second helping. While it’s not a restaurant for rambunctious children, well behaved children are welcomed. They offer a limited children’s menu.

The ambiance just makes you want to sit and relax. The five star service, Jazz in the background, exquisite wine menu and of course unbelievable food. 

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  1. Gorgeous restaurant, lunch there is going on my to do list next visit.

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