Les Galeries De la Capitale

  Les Galeries de la Capitale, located a 10 minute drive from Old Quebec, has become one of the most frequented shopping centers in Quebec. The Galeries is not just a shopping mall, it includes the Mega Parc–an indoor amusement park including a roller coaster and Ferris wheel.  The Mega Parc also has an iMax movie theater and ice rink. You can sometimes see local hockey teams play there. 

Aiming to attract and entertain young families at reasonable costs with a shopping experience, the center became perfect for all ages and began to draw in tourists. For shoppers, the mall is loaded with many significant retailers as well as private boutiques, such as: Future Shop, Rona L’entrepôt, Sears Décor, Archambault, Pier I Imports, and Omer DeSerres.

Les Galeries de la Capitale is the largest commercial complex in Quebec City, with a surface area of over 1.5 million square feet, and is by far the most frequented in the region. It features 280 shops, 35 restaurants, 20 attractions in the Mega Parc, the biggest IMAX screen in the country, and six Fortune Movie theatres. Definitely not a shopping experience to pass by!