Laurier Quebec Mall

Laurier Quebec is one of the largest malls in Canada. The trick is to park in the garage and run in for dear life from the cold.

The food court is really huge and gives some great options to hide from your wife and drink coffee while she shops.  It also has a playground so you can not only drink your coffee but entertain your children at the same time.

The mall also physically connects to Place Sainte-Foy so you can potentially lose your family for days.


  1. Karen Matlock

    Haha, I like how you assume dad will watch the kids while mom shops 🙂 I don’t love malls but I would probably visit this one to stay out of the cold. I visited Canada years ago and I remember the chill!

  2. Laura Keating

    I have never been but my daughter travels to Quebec and has told me lots about the best shopping and this is

    Laurier Quebec Mall

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