Plains of Abraham

The Plains of Abraham in Battlefields Park, are one of the most important historical sights in Canada and is known to be one of the best city parks in the world.

The Plains of Abraham is the site of many clashes for supremacy between the French and British Empires, and is the scene of the 1759 Conquest, which changed the fate of North America, and are known to be ‘Canada’s birthplace’.

One hundred and eight hectares of meadow and grassy knolls, decked with flowers or covered with snow, are there for residents and visitors to enjoy.

There are various activities to keep the whole family entertained such as The Odyssey; a virtual journey into the past, hop on the Park bus to get a guided tour of this significant historic location and visit the exhibition at the Martello Tower; discover the complete history of the towers, their role, their architecture and their military and strategic inventiveness, and the living conditions of the soldiers billeted in them.

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  1. Vanessa Mayer

    I’m just now learning about this historic site; better late than never!

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