Quebec City Summer Festival

Attracting more than one million visitors every year, the festival is an essential attraction if you are visiting during one or more of the festival days! All venues and stages are located in the heart of Old Québec and in the Saint-Roch neighborhood. There is live entertainment from musical artists that play everything, including classical, electronic, jazz, rock, pop, reggae, folk, hip-hop, funk, and blues. They are featured throughout the festival on both indoor and outdoor stages. Featuring 400 shows and 200 groups, there is plenty of entertainment for everyone!


  1. Karen Matlock

    Now this is right up my alley! Fun!

  2. JanetMPatterson

    I watched the Paley Center cast interviews with the cast of Person of Interest yesterday, and one of the actresses is Quebecois, I believe. Which got me curious enough to start looking at Quebec in general, and then this popped up in my email! Too fun!

  3. Barbara Arfe

    I have been to Toronto and some other parts of Canada, but never Quebec. It sounds very interesting, even though I always think of Canada as freezing, except for the summer.

  4. Vanessa Mayer

    I’d love to go back to Quebec City, especially during one of their festivals!

  5. Nancy Speiran

    I hear Quebec City is one of the most beautiful, walkable cities in Canada, has fantastic food and festivities all year round

  6. Trish Kinch

    would love to go to this festival next year!

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