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2015-07-21 19.41.52Restaurant SSS is located in the heart of Old Port Quebec on 71 Rue St-Paul.  It is a fun looking place with an eclectic menu.  Their specialties include their salmon and beef tartars.  We started with the beef tartar made with chorizo and parmesan. They will cater the heat level to you and it comes with a fresh arugula side salad.  The beef tartar was flavorful with an appealing texture and the side salad balanced it well.
If you visit Quebec you will no doubt be introduced to poutine and many restaurants have their variants on this classic dish of french fries, cheese curds and gravy.  SSS has a Pulled pork poutine with curd cheese, a homemade chipotle sauce, deep-fried sage and a béarnaise sauce.  The poutine was a beautiful medley of flavors and the pulled pork was delicious.
We also sampled their smoked and grilled Barbecue ribs which were very tender, no knife needed to eat these.  SSS is also known for their Quebec shrimp roll which is served on homemade bread.  The shrimp are dressed with sumac mayonnaise, carrot, avocado, tomato, and orange hollandaise.  The sandwich is accompanied with a green salad and fries.  In case you are wondering what sumac is I will tell you that it is a spice that has a tangy lemon flavor.  The shrimp roll was delightful, again another dish with complex flavors that melded together perfectly.  We also ordered their 1/4 pound crab cake with balsamic aioli and caramelized tomatoes.  It was accompanied with an arugula salad and fries.  The crab cake was delicious although it did pack some surprise heat.
If you have the pleasure of dining here I highly recommend paying the small fee to upgrade the fries to the parmesan, garlic and oregano coated ones.  We were fighting over who would get to finish them!
Dessert was also very tasty. The oatmeal cookie and milk chocolate-caramel ice cream sandwich sounds pretty standard but was scrumptious.  We also had to save room for the house favorite, a cream cheese jar layered with caramel and crumbles.  We fought over who would finish this too!
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  1. Raine Dawson

    Oh this looks and sounds SO delicious. The flavors must be incredible.

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