Sainte-Foy is a former city that was amalgamated into Quebec City in 2002. Most of Sainte-Foy is in the Borough of Sainte-Foy—Sillery, but part of it is in the Borough of Laurentien. Located on the Saint Lawrence River, views from this district of Quebec City are gorgeous.

Sainte-Foy is now a major suburban neighborhood located west of downtown Quebec City. It houses the Jean Lesage International Airport, Université Laval, both bridges to the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, and an enormous amount of shopping centers.

Sainte-Foy is considered a shopper’s haven with its rich collection of unique designer boutiques and upscale stores. In between shopping sprints, visitors can take some time off their feet and relax in one of the many restaurants located in this area as well. If there is still time, Sainte-Foy also offers a plethora of sporting events.