Top 13 Restaurants in the town of Quebec City

Now the list below is a mix of high end and low end but simply a summary of our favorites. Those that we try to hit every visit to Quebec City.

Saint Amour

Easily one of our favorites. The head chef, Chef Boulay is a legend. The trick is to go for lunch as it’s actually one of the best deals in town. For 25-35 dollars you get a three course meal that is consistently sheer perfection.


Chez Boulay

Chez Boulays more mainstream place has a northern taste to it. When we say north I mean far north.  Boreal forest type of north.


Cochon Dingue

A higher end standard of Quebecois /French bistro food that is still family friendly. You must have the ribs!

Les Trois Garcons 

Burgers burgers and well other stuff. Good juicy burgers!  In our review you’ll see we tried things beyond burgers like the tartar that went well.

La Buche 

Traditional quebecois food brought into the 21st century and beyond. If you want to try local traditional cuisine this is the place to go.


Chateau Frontenac Sunday Brunch

The best brunch we’ve ever had in the world. You pay one price and can eat everything from sushi to Beef Wellington. Please leave room for dessert!


Le Petit Chateau

Located adjacent to the Chateau Frontenac Come for the fondue (dinner) and stay for the fondue (dessert)

Le Casse-crepe Breton 

As the name implies, it’s crepes- good crepes that are very reasonably priced. Don’t let the line intimidate you- it moves quickly.



Not specific to one region in Asia, they have high end Asian meals and a great table de hote



A high end Italian place on rue Cartier. If you’re exploring this neck of the  woods it’s a great hit. We actually met one guy here who comes every week.

La Galette Libanaise

It’s pitas. Yes pitas but the quality is out of this world. It’s fresh ingredients and has a line out the door.