Top Eleven Outdoor Things to do in the Quebec City area

Even though Quebec City is a modern city with world class restaurants you’ll find that nature and outdoor adventures are merely minutes away. It’s hard to narrow down all of the outdoor adventures you can have in the Quebec City region but here’s our top eleven outdoor things to do in the Quebec City area. The places below are all within walking distance to downtown or at least a short drive.

Hiking in Mount-Sainte-Anne

Mount Sainte Anne is well known for the skiing but did you know you can go hiking in the summer. From the top, the views are incredible! You can also rent mountain bikes for the thrill seekers.

Grande Plée Bleue in Levis

A beautiful nature preserve just across the river. Wooden paths let you go hiking without too much stress.

Arboretum by Plains of Abraham

The plains of abraham are known for cross country skiing but in the summer there is a mini arboretum with twenty-eight trees representing the different provinces.

Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge

A beautiful tree filled park right along Grande Allee. A great way to jump in a park while you’re running around the city.

Parc linéaire de la Rivière-Saint-Charles

The river wasn’t exactly the cleanest one a few years ago. Now you can bikes for miles and kilometers in any direction. Start in the heart of the town and you can bike along the river to almost anywhere.

Domaine Maizerets

A historic estate perfect for hiking and grabbing a picnic in the heart of town. Also there’s various concerts and events all the time.

Chute de La Chaudières

A wide range of waterfalls just across the bridge. So many people focus on Montmorency but these falls stand up in their own right.

Baie Beauport

There is a beach in Quebec CIty? I mean can you believe it? We can’t believe it. That said it’s right in the heart of town and gives you a slight taste of that beach live.

Farms along Ile d’Orleans

Isle d’Orleans is about the size of Manhattan but filled with farms and farm stands. People do bike around it but it’s probably more fun to just stop in each farm and go picking and eating around for the day.

Plage Jacques Cartier

This has to be one of the most beautiful walks along the Saint Lawrence river and one of the best hidden gem parks. Only locals seem to know the walk but it’s absolutely stunning. Especially with the Cap Rouge bridge just in the background. Come here for the walk and take a few photos.

Montmorency Falls

Everybody will tell you that the falls are higher than Niagara Falls. Maybe if you’re adventurous you’ll try doing the zipline across the waterfalls. It’s much more than just seeing a waterfall and worth a few hours.