Top Five Quebec City Restaurants Worth the Drive from Town

Shogun Sushi

Located near Place Laurier with excellent Asian food including sushi. You pay one price and order as much as you want. Don’t over order or you will be charged extra for the pieces you didn’t finish.

This is a chain with a variety of locations. We usually visit the one near Galeries des Capitales. Pacini is a carb lovers dream where you can grill your own bread and butter. There is a variety of breads and butters to choose from.

Ix Pour Bistro 

This is an experience upon itself. The chef chooses  the menu every day and it’s basically a four table private chef experience.  One waiter/one chef. It’s consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in Quebec. They post on social media when there’s a table available and if you’re lucky you can snag one. If not plan on making reservations 2 months ahead of time.

Casa Calzone 

Like the name implies, they make calzones and they make them well. They have a wide variety including the Hipster and the Pimped Meatball. Parks and Recreation fans would be quite proud.


This might be a breakfast choice but it’s good to throw in the mix. Hearty portions and a mix of traditional options like omelettes as well French Canadian items like crepes make it a local favorite. There are a few locations to choose from.