Top places for a snack in Quebec City

After a long day of walking the cobblestone streets of Quebec City, I’m sure the kids will eventually be screaming at you for a quick snack. Intern, I’m sure the adults will want to grab a cuppa coffee or some form of caffeination. In no particular order, we listed some of our favorite snack spots within the walls of Quebec City.

Chocolato rue Saint-Jean

Chocolato vs Chocolat Favoris is a perpetual debate but that said, this is one of the only places in town to get ice cream covered with chocolate.

If you’re not in the mood for a cone, they have quite a few other options, but that would just be silly. Get yourself a cone!

Mary’s Popcorn

There are a few in town and it’s a great option for a snack for the whole family. At first the price might seem intimidating but you’ll never get through the large bag with a small family. We admittedly passed this place a few times thinking that popcorn but last time we tried it we covered the group of five with one bag.

Cafe La Maison Smith

A few years ago there were none of these and now there’s quite a few. Now it’s a great stop for a break for a coffee, a croissant and a hot chocolate. And wherever you are in town there’s usually one nearby.

Plus the place of course has free Wi-Fi and other options. The lemonade for example and the ice tea are both incredible

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Bobu – épicerie et café

It’s recently opened but one of the best views in town. Seriously, just looking down the street, the view is insane. Oh and since it’s founded by the people who launched St. Henri the coffee is good too. This is the kind of place you could sit and enjoy yourself for an hour and escape from the cold or rain if it’s one of those days.

Casse-Crepe Breton

Crepes, crepes, crepes. I mean who doesn’t like authentic crepes. And you can jump in for not just a meal but some chocolate crepes and really wake up your day.

Yes, you can come here for a regular meal, but sometimes the trick is to come here for dessert and then come back for a meal another time.

Paillard – St-Jean

If you want a pastry, it’s right in town and quick and easy. The crowds are nuts but the choices are insane too. You can come here for just a quick croissant, or I’ve seen people do take out of entire cakes.