Sushi Kumi Review

If you’re the kind of person who thinks waiting for sushi is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, Sushi Kumi at 815 Bd Lebourgneuf in Québec might just be your edible escape. I somehow snagged a reservation for one – because who needs a sushi sidekick when the rolls are this good? Brace yourself; this is no ordinary sushi joint; it’s a gastronomic rollercoaster. In fact, Sushi Kumi is on our list of Top Sushi Places in Quebec City.

Speedy Sushi Spectacle: Faster Than a Speeding Wasabi

Sushi Kumi doesn’t mess around; it’s like they’ve got a sushi pit crew in the back, armed with soy sauce syringes and seaweed nunchucks. If you’re flying solo, your food materializes in five minutes flat. Even in a group, your meal arrives before you can decide if you’re in the mood for salmon or shrimp. It’s as if they’ve mastered the ancient art of teleporting sushi straight from the kitchen to your plate.

Freshness Unleashed: Frozen Food, Take a Hike!

Sushi Kumi scoffs at the idea of frozen fare like it’s a bad joke. This place is a fresh food sanctuary. The sashimis are like little slices of heaven, and I’d bet my last maki roll that they’ve banned anything frozen, especially when it comes to their crispy delights. Oh, and let’s not forget the fried banana – a photo is attached, not because I doubt you, but because you need to witness the tempura magic.

Rave Reviews, Real Recommendations: A Sushi Love Affair

I’m not one to follow the crowd, but when people start shoving you towards a place, you pay attention. Today marked my first foray into Sushi Kumi, and color me impressed. Quick service, dishes that are the Goldilocks of temperatures, and an ambiance so cozy you’ll feel like you’re in a sushi lover’s living room. It’s a win-win, or in this case, a win-sushi.

Philadelphia Roll Perfection (Almost): A Sushi Symphony

Now, let’s talk details. The Philadelphia roll? It’s practically a sushi symphony in your mouth. But beware – the tempura rolls might need a yoga class, and the fried rice portions are like they’re training you for a sumo match. But hey, these quirks are just the price of admission for the overall ecstasy that is Sushi Kumi.

All-You-Can-Eat Extravaganza: Buffet Bliss Without the Bankruptcy

Looking for a buffet that won’t max out your credit card? Sushi Kumi’s got your back. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality served with a side of fun. Fast service, prices that won’t make your wallet weep, and an atmosphere as laid-back as a sushi chef on a day off. It’s a formula that works, and I find myself returning like a moth to a sushi flame – irresistibly drawn by the promise of unlimited sushi adventures.

Service with a Grin: Sushi Royalty

In a sea of sushi joints, Sushi Kumi stands tall. The service isn’t just fast; it’s a masterclass in genuine smiles and efficiency. The staff operates like a well-oiled sushi machine, with a secret mantra – “keep it moving.” With a menu that tantalizes, a bill that won’t require a second mortgage, this place is a winner in my sushi playbook.

Warp Speed to Sushi Satisfaction

In the cutthroat world of all-you-can-eat sushi, Sushi Kumi emerges as the Usain Bolt of the sushi track – fast, fresh, and leaving the competition in the soy sauce-drenched dust. If you’ve ever dreamt of your sushi arriving before you finish your soy sauce dip, this is your culinary utopia. Fast, fabulous, and filled with fried banana flair – what more could a sushi lover ask for? Highly recommended, unless you prefer your sushi experience at a snail’s pace; in that case, bring a seatbelt for this rollercoaster ride.