Flo Rida at Baie de Beauport

If you’ve read our story on Baie de Beauport, you know that the beach is only about ten minutes from downtown and really has a surprisingly great layout. On July 20th, they closed the beach to only ticket holders and had special performances all day.

Prior to Flo Rida, there were performances by Sara Diamond and Kingdom Street.

When Flo Rida came on the crowd went completely insane.  Everybody knew all the lyrics and they were all dancing away. Sure, Flo Rida certainly did his best to help the audience go nuts. In fact, that was probably the main feature of the show with him going back and forth and egging the crowd on.

Honestly, it’s a great venue for a concert with the beach right there and food trucks all over. If you want to hang out and just lay back and chill, it’s possible. If you want to go nuts with the crowd that’s only a few feet away.

Our concert photos are here.

And you can see the crowd here.