Do you know about the Filles du Roi?

Arrival of the Brides - Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale The Filles du Roi or the King’s Daughters were some 770 women who moved from France to Quebec from 1663 and 1673.  The idea was to help populate the French colonies which were mostly male and not as populated as the British Colonies.  The girls came with a dowry and were encouraged to marry and give birth to as many children as possible.

There are two constant rumors with the girls.

The first is that the King encouraged the orphans and prostitutes to move in efforts to clear France of that population.

The second is that the prettiest girls got chosen in the first stop of Quebec City, the second prettiest in the second stop of Trois-Rivières and the third prettiest ended in Montreal.

We cannot confirm or deny these rumors.