La Buche Restaurant

la_bucheLa Buche Restaurant is located in Upper Town Quebec on Rue Saint Louis.  It is located down the block from the Chateau Frontenac so it is very easy to get to if you are staying in town. The restaurant’s menu is a tribute to traditional French Canadian Cuisine with a modern twist.  This is a great place to taste traditional Québécois Food. My family and I had a great meal that was also much fun! The wait staff was entertaining as well as attentive.

We started our meal with the Ailes de Lapin or Rabbit Wings and the Saumon Fume Maison or Homemade Smoked Salmon.  The term rabbit wings was a bit weird to us but they tasted great.  We especially loved the dipping sauce. The Saumon Fume Maison was delicious with a taste of maple to it. For dinner we had the Tourtiere or Meat Pie, Jambon a Biere or Beer-braised Ham, and the Pate Chinois or Quebec’s Shepherd Pie.  The Tourtiere had a mix of pork, venison and beef with a perfect flaky crust.  The Pate Chinois had a mouth-watering meat topping and the ham was the best we’ve had.  It takes 24 hours to prepare the beer-braised ham and it falls right off the bone.

The night wouldn’t have been complete without trying some local libations.  I tried Caribou Liquor and it went down smoothly and was very warming.  Apparently this drink keeps the locals warm all winter!  I also tasted the Caribou Sangria which was just as delicious!

For dessert we had the Pouding du Chomeur or Poor Man’s Pudding which was an upside down maple cake with maple sugar sauce.  If this is what poor people have for dessert they are pretty lucky! My daughter’s favorite part was when a large container of ice came right to our table and she was able to make her own maple taffy lollipop.

We highly recommend this place for its fun atmosphere, great food and excellent location!