Nina Pizzaria

Just off of St Joseph in St Roch you immediately notice the rather large and authentic pizza oven. Behind the counter is the kitchen where they are making pizzas right in the open. Every time they pop in a pizza you can feel the heat coming out.

We ordered a salad and two pizzas. Mostly to compare to a basic pizza dinner back in Brooklyn.

The Sicilian girl says:

The sauce needs a little work. It’s still has a bit of cooking to do and needs a bit more spice and flavoring. The oven is authentic and gives a great flavor to the pizza. The dough is a little dense and not airy like an authentic Italian pizza- probably needs much more kneading . They use really good quality cheese and fresh ingredients. Also a nice variety of pizzas.

Also high praise for spelling and labeling everything right in Italian.

Overall, it’s one of the best pizzas we’ve had in Quebec. And sitting at the bar and watching the kitchen is a nice touch.