Our Top 10 restaurants in Quebec City

Chez Victor

Take the good old burger and blend it with Quebecois ingredients and you get Chez Victor. We are talking duck burgers with spinach and smoked goat cheese and pork burgers with blue cheese and apple chutney. They also have a variety of poutine which needs to be eaten somewhere on your visit to Quebec City. Poutine is a decadent mix of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. Each restaurant puts their own spin on the classic dish.

IX Pour Bistro

Another gastronomic delight in a very intimate and cozy atmosphere. This restaurant is rated number one on many travel sites and worth the trip. The restaurant is very small and reservations are a must. The food and service is outstanding. You feel like part of the family when you dine there. This would be a place only for young adventurous eaters. My daughter adored this place and was able to spend time with the chef. He even let her assist in plating her dessert.

Les Trois Garcons

This place is similar to Chez Victor but is right in the heart of Upper Town. It has a variety of gourmet burgers as well as salads and other international dishes such as General Tso Chicken and Fish and Chips. We enjoy dining at an outside table during the warmer months. They have an excellent children’s menu.

Le Bureau de Poste

This restaurant is located in the trendy Saint-Roch area which is walking distance from the walled city of Quebec. Another locals joint, don’t be alarmed by the long lines. The menu is more a tapas style and they have a great selection of beers. This will probably be the least expensive and yummy place you will eat.