Let me take you on a journey into the unexpected realm of McDonald’s poutine. Yes, you heard me correctly. The iconic fast-food giant, known for its burgers and fries, has dared to delve into the territory of Canada’s cherished dish: poutine. And believe me, it’s a journey worth exploring. ImagineContinue Reading

Bonne homme Quebec

  In the enchanting city of Quebec, where history and modernity entwine, a unique character named Bonhomme reigns supreme. He’s not just a figure but a symbol of the city’s spirit, embodying the warmth, joy, and resilience of its people. But what does Bonhomme wear, you ask? Well, let meContinue Reading

If you’re the kind of person who thinks waiting for sushi is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, Sushi Kumi at 815 Bd Lebourgneuf in Québec might just be your edible escape. I somehow snagged a reservation for one – because who needs a sushi sidekick when the rollsContinue Reading

Well, gather ’round, fellow knowledge enthusiasts, because today we’re diving into the thrilling tale of how Canada got its name. Spoiler alert: It involves a bit of lost-in-translation drama, a dash of French explorer confusion, and a generous sprinkle of misinterpretation. The Name “Canada” Takes Hold (1535 to the 1700s)Continue Reading

Maple syrup, a liquid gold that graces breakfast tables worldwide, has a lineage rich in tradition and a flavor profile that can vary as widely as the landscapes where it’s produced. In this exploration, we embark on a journey through the top 10 contenders in the world of maple syrup,Continue Reading